07.12.2020 – BMW Team Italia ended a triumphant season in the Italian GT Sprint 2020 Championship taking the GT4 title in Pro-Am at the grand finale in Vallelunga.

The Italian team managed by Ceccato Motors Racing Team won the Italian title in GT4, that is the class that is closer to the production cars and therefore the challenge has been closer and more exciting ending only in the last of the four double rounds.

The very young Francesco Guerra (ITA) and Simone Riccitelli were third in the race on Saturday in their #215 BMW M4 GT4 and had to win the closing race of the season to clinch the title. The pairing reached their goal at the end of a difficult but exciting race-2 taking the win of their class and ending tenth overall.

BMW Team Italia also run a solid race in GT3 with the #7 BMW M6 driven by Stefano Comandini (ITA) and Marius Zug (GER), that were again among the protagonists ending race-1 in third place. On Sunday, conditions were more tricky due to the heavy rain and this prevented the pairing to defend their P3 in the final standings. A win, one second and one third place with a total of 60 points placed the German car in the sixth place of the Italian GT Sprint Championship’s classification.

Roberto Ravaglia (BMW Team Italia, Team Manager):
“I am very proud of the result we got in Vallelunga in the closer of the Italian GT Sprint Championship. Conditions were not easy, both considering weather with all the rain fallen especially in race-2, and the level of the competition. We honourably challenged very strong rivals that made the series very exciting to follow also from home, but we suffered a lot in the pits. I am very happy for the drivers’ title won in GT4 PRO-Am, because it arrived at the end of a year-long battle. We have been fighting for a podium finish also in GT3, but our chances expired in the closing race. I want to congratulate the winners of the other categories on the results they have achieved. The balance of our season is positive as we claimed three podiums and a win, proving we can be competitive in all the conditions and in a season as difficult as this one. The most important win has probably been to find the courage to get on track, despite all the difficulties connected to the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Italian Gran Turismo Sprint 2020 | Drivers’ classification
1. Nemoto-Tujula (Lamborghini) pt. 76; 2. Agostini (Audi) pt. 72; 3. Kroes-Pulcini (Lamborghini) pt. 70; 4. Roda-Rovera (Ferrari) pt. 62; 5. Ferrari (Mercedes) 61, 6. Zug-Comandini (BMW) pt. 60; 7. Venturini (Lamborghini) pt. 58; 8. Drudi (Audi) 47; 9. Spinelli (Mercedes) 41; 10. Galbiati (Lamborghini) 37.

Italian Gran Turismo Sprint 2020 | Drivers’ classification GT4 PRO-Am
1. Guerra-Riccitelli (BMW) pt. 104; 2. Segù-De Luca (Mercedes) pt. 99; 3. Belicchi-Vullo (Mercedes) pt. 89; 4. Gnemmi-Pera ( Porsche ) pt.84 ; 5.Piccioli – De Castro ( Porsche ) pt. 39;