03.11.2020 – The Autodromo Nazionale of Monza will stage the closing act of the Italian GT Endurance 2020 Championship this coming weekend and BMW Team Italia is the protagonist of the fight for the drivers’ title.

Stefano Comandini (ITA) and Marius Zug (GER) are currently leading the standings at 34 points, but gaps are short and only the three best results will be used to draw up the final classification. The lineup of the #7 BMW M6 GT3 will be completed by Jesse Krohn (FIN), who has been confirmed by BMW Motorsport to help his co-equipers in this crucial round. The Finn driver will be at a welcomed comeback among the fields of BMW Team Italia after the victory claimed last year in the opening round of the Endurance series in Monza.

The BMW Team Italia’s lineup will be completed by Francesco Guerra (ITA), Simone Riccitelli (ITA) and Nicola Neri (ITA) in the #215 BMW M4 GT4 that will try and finish the GT4 Pro-Am season on a high.

From a technical standpoint, the participation to the penultimate round of the sprint series on this same circuit three weeks ago allowed the team to collect important data to finalize the setup of the cars. The circuit does not need introductions and will challenge the engine that will be full revs for a long time. Brakes will also undergo big solicitations.

Racing action will kick off on Friday with the double free practice session at local 10:15 and 13:10, while the third session will be on Saturday at 8:30. Qualifying will be on Saturday at 14:45 and the three sessions will define the starting grid depending on the cumulative time set by the three drivers. The three hours race will get green lights on Sunday at 13:20.

The race will take place behind closed doors, but all BMW Team Italia’s supporters can follow the race from the portal https://motorsport.bmw.it/ that will provide the streaming feed and some interactive activities.

Roberto Ravaglia (BMW Team Italia, Team Manager):
“In our approach, this is going to be a race like the others, one that requires full commitment and focus. The classification is too short to race doing math. We will need to be in the right place at the right moment, which requires full commitment from the pit-crew, pit wall staff and drivers. This is certainly going to be a good weekend and I hope that all the fans that will follow us from home could have some fun”.

Italian GT Endurance Championship| Drivers’ classification
1. Comandini-Zug (BMW) pt. 34; 2. Galbiati-Venturini (Lamborghini) pt. 32; 3. Fuoco-Rovera-Roda (Ferrari) pt. 29; 4. Sims (BMW) pt. 27; 5. Giammaria-Pulcini (Lamborghini) pt. 25; 6. Agostini-Mancinelli (Audi) pt. 24; 7. Kries-Schandorff-Tujula (Lamborghini) pt. 21; 8. Drudi (Audi) pt.20; 8. Frassineti (Lamborghini) pt. 20; 9. Greco-Hudspeth-Michelotto (Ferrari) pt. 30; 10. Postiglione (Lamborghini/Porsche) pt. 17

Italian GT Endurance Championship| GT4 Pro-Am Drivers’ classification
1. Gnemmi-De Castro-Pera (Porsche) pt. 60; 2. Riccitelli-Guerra-Neri (BMW) pt. 30; 3. Postiglione (Porsche) pt. 20