15.10.2020 – The Italian GT Championship is heading to the Autodromo Nazionale in Monza for the third round of the Sprint 2020 series and BMW Team Italia is gearing up for another exciting weekend.

The Italian team managed by Ceccato Motors Racing Team, will certainly be among the protagonists of the first challenge on the circuit near Milan, both with the #7 BMW M6 GT3 driven by Stefano Comandini (ITA) and Marius Zug (GER), and with the #215 BMW M4 GT4 driven by Simone Riccitelli (ITA) and Francesco Guerra (ITA).

BMW Team Italia in GT3 will have to push hard to stay in the drivers’ title fight, while in GT4 the goal is to repeat the great performance scored in Mugello that allowed the #215 lineup to climb at 1 point from the top of the GT4 Pro-AM category. The task is quite challenging, but also very exciting as all the battles that have taken place so far on the most famous and legendary circuit in Italy.

The Autodromo Nazionale of Monza and its 5.793 meters do not need introductions. The challenge in this Italian GT Championship will be battled on the field of engines and brakes, equally. The first is at full throttle for most of the time, while the second will have to be particularly reactive during the strong braking required by this circuit.

The program of the weekend will kick off on Friday with two free practice sessions at 11:55 and 16:10. Qualifying will be on Saturday at 11:35 and 12:00, while race one will follow in the afternoon at 17:10. Race two will be on Sunday at 13:30.

Both races will be available through the official website https://motorsport.bmw.it/, that concentrates all the racing essence of BMW providing the users with interactive experiences connected to the BMW Team Italia’s sporting activity.

The TV coverage of the event will be granted by RAI Sport (CH 58 FreeView) and MS Motor TV (CH 228 SKY) with a schedule that will be made official shortly at www.acisport.it/CIGT.

Roberto Ravaglia (BMW Team Italia, Team Manager):
“It is always nice to compete in Monza. This circuit is the heart of the Italian motorsport tradition and offers a special atmosphere. In GT3 we will try to get the most of every chance we are offered to close in on our rivals. We have the advantage of handicap times in race one, which might be interesting. The challenge in GT4 is more open, our drivers showed a great shape in Mugello and we are resolute to run a strong weekend here too”.

Italian GT Sprint 2020 Championship | Drivers’ classification
1. Agostini (Audi) pt. 56; 2. Ferrari (Mercedes) pt. 47; 3. Mancinelli (Audi) pt. 32; 4. Nemoto-Tujula (Lamborghini) pt. 32; 5. Roda-Rovera (Ferrari) pt. 32; 6. Galbiati-Venturini (Lamborghini) pt. 30; 7. Kroes-Pulcini (Lamborghini) pt. 30; 8. Zug-Comandini (BMW) pt. 28; 9. Spinelli (Mercedes) pt. 27; 10. Drudi (Audi) and Zampieri (Mercedes) pt. 20

Italian GT Sprint 2020 Championship | GT4 Pro-Am Drivers’ classification
1. Segù-De Luca (Mercedes) pt. 53; 1. Belicchi-Vullo (Mercedes) pt. 53; 2. Guerra-Riccitelli (BMW) pt. 52; 3. Gnemmi-Pera (Porsche) pt. 49; 4. Piccioli-De Castro (Porsche) pt. 27